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Why do you need an Insight Catalyst Report?

Sample ICR

Did you know that under Healthcare Reform your group health plan...

may not be the best health coverage for your employees?

… may cost your employees more, even much more than privategovernment subsidized insurance?

… is likely blocking your employees and their dependents that do not participate in the group plan from being eligible for any government subsidy for insurance?

… is blocking huge amounts of government money intended to help fund your employee’s health insurance?

Employee Benefits

      The Insight Catalyst Report will:

  • ​provide you with info on the impact of health care reform on your company»»provide you with the impact of health care reform on your employees

  • show access to subsidies and cost to purchase private insurance​

  • show cost comparison of keeping current group insurance and employee cost of dropping the current group coverage​

  • ​provide your employees with individual reports that help them determine what coverage might be best for them and their family (and whether they qualify for a subsidy)

  • help you make an educated and balanced decision on how to best structure your employees’ benefits